Lewy Body Roller Coaster

Sleepless Nights and Internal Tremors

January 03, 2024 Season 5 Episode 1
Lewy Body Roller Coaster
Sleepless Nights and Internal Tremors
Show Notes

Welcome to 2024!
This week, it's just Podcast Linda and Curry with a fireside chat. Curry's Lewy symptoms have been pretty bad the last three weeks or so and he wanted to share. We discuss how he has gone over 34 hours without sleep , internal tremors and scary hallucinations.  As always, Curry tries to be as strong as he can be and wants to "ride it out" as he shares he has done many times before. It is just amazing how this disease truly has so many ups and downs and that no two people with LBD have same symptoms

Thank you all for your continued support and patience with us as we try really hard to get a new podcast done- hoping we get one a week but as you all know, Lewy and life sometimes get in the way. We know you all understand and support us anyway and for that we thank you!!! xoxo

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